Joseph Aisida: Education's New Nigerian Hero

Joseph Ibukun Aisida  born on the 2nd day of November 1969  - 1st of September 2018 was the middle child of 5 children  born to Late Brig- Gen Francis Olorunfemi and Victoria Oyenike Aisida. He attended the Corona School VI, International School Ibadan and Lagos State University respectively for his primary, secondary and tertiary education.  He bagged a master degree from the University of London (Institute of Education) in school improvement and effectiveness. 

He loved reading, writing , listening to music and traveling.

Joseph pioneered a renaissance of pride in the teaching profession and education by modeling the ‘executive teacher’ philosophy.  His core values of service, excellence and professionalism permeated his career, life and personality distinctively. 

He is also a pioneer thought-leader in the online education space. His influential presence on social media effectively defined the ‘teacher trainer’ ethos and helped guide a generation of leaders and stakeholders in the education sector.

He played a pivotal role in leveraging on technology as a tool for reorientation and development. A foremost champion of  CPD ( Continuous Professional Development ), he traversed the north and south of the country training teachers and school administrators on best practices. His contributions to the perception, practice and administration of education in the ‘new’ Nigeria is one that reverberates keenly in the momentum reformation has taken in the education sector. 

Teaching was his calling and life’s work. His influence in the classroom is best appreciated by the fact that he not only rose to leadership positions at some of the top flight international schools in Nigeria, but also maintained a strong bond with his students with annual reunions of relationships spanning two decades. He was the quintessential executive teacher. 

Even in death, Joseph Aisida continues to inspire with the quality of acknowledgement and recognition of value that his contribution to education is.  His celebration as a new Nigerian hero is itself a self-fulfilling prophecy as it is bound to inspire millions of teachers across the nation to be more 'executive' in their practice of the noble craft. 

Olanrewaju Yusif.