Some predictable consequences of IoT in Education.

I am becoming more and more conscious about the future of educational technology, still sketching out a feasible model of such future schools using technology, though  shortcomings of the current school model is becoming unbearable, especially its inability to provide millions of people access to quality  education simultaneously and the rate at which deep learning activities isn't available to majority of students in public and most schools. Presently, more people are clamouring for home schooling, virtual learning and something in between.

However, the Internet of Things (IoT), is a beacon of hope for the overall school system which will obliterate the current instance, by adopting a smart/intelligent school model, advance enough to provide billions of people access to quality education and continous professional development at a lower cost infrastructure.

There will be affordable hardware learning sensors  but costlier software,  especially proprietary products with sophisticated learning analytical algorithms. Open source products will be avaliable but can be enhanced further at extra cost. Smart schools will be heavily dependent on intelligent learning sensors and similar hardwares, though affordable, but gets costlier as functionalities are enhanced.

As such, schools will no longer compete based on cost of tuition, but will compete strictly on their capacity to accommodate a broad spectrum of learners within and outside their terrain and their provision of diverse skill based pedagogy with technologically measurable learning experience and outcome. I repeat, a technologically measurable learning experience and outcome TMLEO, at a time when the accurate use of  learning analytics for students will be a yardstick to determine how smart/intelligent a school is rated.

Teachers will be on demand based on their ability to apply learning analytical data with skill based pedagogy during their professional practices. As we prepare ahead as educators, remember to keep abreast with trends in educational technology in the area of your career.