Tips for a Wow! Monday morning

It seems most employees see Monday mornings as a menace day of the week and it goes on till they have a reason to thank God for Fridays.

As an Educator, I noticed my Monday mornings was becoming a nightmare. Though I prepared for my classes ahead of time, but something was missing, there was still a void somewhere. You might call it a work burnout giving me a dissatisfied  attitude towards my first work day of the week. Monday mornings became a nightmare instead of a daydream, I had to revamp the way I worked on Mondays, to makes it one of my best days of the week.

My experiment was simple, though teaching can be a very monotonous routine and with little research I was able to get the root cause of my Monday morning nightmares. 
Plan ahead over the weekend, to bring in these three effects on your job.

1. Creativity: Trying a new perspective  on your job. It is never enough to repeat the same process everyday. Think of other routines that will make you want to jump out  of the bed to work on Mondays.

During my research, I discovered plethora of resources that made me eager to try out new tools, techniques and technology for teaching. I have been enjoying weekends because I have planned out activities, which wasn't routine and could be adjusted at any point in time. 

No matter how monotonous your job seems to be, it becomes your duty to make it an interesting one by little creative tweaks. 

2. Innovation: With new skillsets, you can empower yourself for promotion on the job. There's no better time than now to get new ideas and courses online and offline. There are free and very interesting online courses which can be of great benefit to how you work. I took courses that were directly and indirectly related to my job, in other to help me learn latest innovations within and outside my career.

This was key to reinventing my Monday mornings, since innovation is a non ending process of ideas, I made several interesting innovative adaptations of things I learnt on these courses at my work processes. Quite challenging to do something new, yet much more easier but boring to stick with years of routine work, it only takes personal determination to want to see things in a different light.

3. Change: You might not be ready to change your so called boring job, but you can plan towards making it an exciting workplace for you, irrespective of the pay.
Change works better and the transition is smoother when you take time to consciously learn something new ahead of time. There are dozens of self-paced courses online that could prepare you for an effortless change.

I made it a great deal to learn something new everyday, which brought about a resilience in the advent of drastic changes at work. Continous and focused learning is a sure way to keep you going at work.

Most times, we plan our weekends, the excitement and expectation motivates us towards the end of the week; which invented the phrase "Thank God it's Friday (TGIF)".

Try these tips and see how magical your Mondays becomes your favourite day of the week.