Technology in Education

Technology triumphs as a business tool. But not much as an academic tool. As such a business approach will make technology very efficient as an educational purpose tool.
Teachers who are entrepreneurs or have experience in the business  use of technology, these teachers can modify the academic curriculum to blend with the use of technology.

Moreover the problem of technology in education is that tech companies with no clear and precise knowledge of educational dynamics are making gadgets and software for teachers and educators, who are then forced to use these new tools which only tech savvy teachers can manage to implement in the classroom. Most of the technology churned out for educational purposes are specifically designed for a section of learning needs, which are not applicable to the majority of other learners. Though for the sake of adaptation, tech companies make it a one size fit all tool.

The solution is for practicing teachers be allowed to contribute 80% of their analogue knowhow when companies are designing digital support for classroom purposes.

Though with my background on computer science, I am yet to see a gadget or software platform that educators and teachers can tweak to suit their classroom needs. Instead of having to use multiple platforms, which could disrupt learning and teaching, there should be a single flexible platform/technology  that teachers and learners can tweak during learning and not the other way around.