Three reasons Edupreneurs should get a Learning/Content Management System platform.

Educators have a lot to contribute in every generation. If you call yourself a teacher, then you should have evidences of your lessons and instructional materials, not just for your classroom and school, but also for the rest of the world to learn from your records. Even if you deal on educational accessories, then nothing stops you from developing lessons on how best to use the accessories you sell to students, teachers and schools in general.   
In creating an LMS or LCMS product you should have these goals in mind, your product’s users experience, product adoption, monetization and growth potentials, makes all the difference. It’s not easy to achieve all four, but with constant practice and positive adjustment, you will find the perfect combination.

1.     Mobile done right is great.
The mobile platform has come of age and getting all the attention needed to sustain its presence in our day to day lifestyle. Learning management platforms like Moodle, canvas etc. that embraces mobile architecture is a great way to engage learners using smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets.  
Apps are making unprecedented progress in creating a wow user experience. The learning curve for your LMS/LCMS on mobile should be minimal and straight to the point, if possible creating an offline and online interactive package for learners by embedding Augmented Reality perspective like Pok√©mon Go (a game whose concept can enhance the current aspects of LMS). Mind you not all lessons require the use of Augmented Reality but creativity on your LMS will intensify the user’s experience, giving your lesson an early adoption and the potential to expand with the almighty price tag.  

2. The real and augmented worlds can be blended seamlessly.
For a balance in modern education Learning management systems that can break even with real life environments will make learning fun for teachers and students.  Augmented reality and the internet of things (IoT) are upcoming block busters; imagine students getting a virtual tour of an atom, a zoo, human anatomy etc. I believe a 50% offline and 50% online educational approach for learners and teachers to enjoy the best of both worlds and accomplish considerable work; online education should continue were offline education stops and vice versa. They are not meant to replace or outdo each other, rather to complement each other.

3. LMS should blend with and enhance the learner’s experience.

The ultimate goal for an Edupreneur’s brand is to be able to drive purchase of their products/services. The ongoing quest for Edupreneurs is to combine teaching experience that improves performance that is relevant, valuable and practicable for learners. The learning and teaching outcomes for online education goes like this: get a curriculum, create several variations of a lesson, create online and offline activities for your lesson(s) and share your experience relevantly with other educators. It’s vital for other educators to easily integrate your work into their teaching style and lessons.