Three reasons Edupreneurs should get an online education

Online education is getting dynamic and easy to use irrespective of your job role, there are several professional development courses online that will add value to your career.
As educators the idea of becoming an educational entrepreneur require you to add some skill sets to your portfolio; these skills are available online most of them free and some offers are paid versions.  Depending on the redirection of you Edupreneurial goals, you have unlimited options online, to take your career to the next level.
Online courses are less expensive compared to traditional education. Getting a higher degree can be painstaking for those with hectic workloads, coupled with managing family affairs. And most online courses I took were result oriented, I used my classroom projects as my case studies and it added new light on how I documented my projects to suit the courses.
Irrespective of the hoax around online education, it is far better than no education or no professional development opportunities, which brings your career to a stalemate. 

1. Flexibility makes online courses more exciting. 

With about 2-4 hours a week you can complete and be empowered with relevant skills that will broaden your horizon to the latest ideas, tools and techniques in Instead of attending a couple of 45-minute lectures per week, you'll now have worksheets, discussion forums and interactive presentation at your fingertips.

2. The classrooms are fun. 

With webinars and podcasts, you get live classroom sessions in a bus or train on the go. Never mind the ambience, there are city parks and gardens in town where you can enjoy Google hangout class with your lecturers and other students.

3. Keeping the course materials. 

Your course videos, lesson notes and handouts are there in your gadget at the end of you online class sessions. Taking time to revisit these materials refreshes your perspective on what you have already learnt, in case you missed some details.  
Some ideas to look out for when shopping relevant online courses:
·         Known credentials. When shopping for online courses make sure the lecturer is an expert in the field he/she is delivering to you. This is important because you will meet challenges in the area of study and only those with field experience can help you with appropriate solutions. If you’re taking a course on Starting a business, your online lecturer should have a business similar to what you are kick-starting.
·         Trusted testimonials. There is always review forums on almost all online courses; you get to find out what other students are saying about the prospect online course. There are students who will post the best and the worse parts of the course and what can be done right.
·         Access to the teacher. This is up to you, but I recommend taking a course that gives you some potential live access to a teacher or facilitator. That may mean live video chats or conference calls with other students. Or it could be personal email access when you get stuck. It really depends on the teacher and the material. But having someone to guide you is essential.
·         Discussion opportunities. Student forums makes the best parts of an online course. Having the opportunity to connect with other students who are going through the same experience as you help foster interest in the course of study. Forums can be on social media sites or chat-rooms.
·         Reliable refund policy. Getting refunds for courses that are not in the direction of your goals is an advantage. Trial periods of 30-60 days should be available to prospective students, as it is an opportunity to test the lesson materials to see how it fits your learning outcome.   
 Online education can be a form of crash programme to help build your know-how on areas  that you need to get acquainted with before executing a project or starting a business that requires special skill-set.