Seven streams of income for educators on social media and OPR by Ashiedu Jude

If you are an educator with passion, that is great, but you can take further steps to be obsessed with your profession and make some extra bucks as your financial development. An Obsessive Professional Reorder (OPR), with respect to teachers, takes your career beyond classroom boundaries reaching out to the rest of the world online/offline; Reordering your career out of the norm is a creative way of thinking outside your classroom schedule. 

Let us analyze this scenario, two art teachers who love to paint. They establish their selves as art teachers in two schools.
·         Art teacher A, who loves teaching but avoids social media, or
·         Art teacher B, who teaches other people how to paint on YouTube and display finished paintings on Facebook with 50,000 followers combined.
They are both experts, but Art teacher B has established expertise and authority beyond the local school boundaries; with external audience, and provides value to others by demonstrating the knowledge of art on social media.

Educators go into teaching for different reasons, but for whatsoever your intentions are, becoming a schoolteacher, there might be an undertone of financial gain. This is why you need to prove to your employer you are worth a pay upgrade and a proof to the academic community that you are not just a schoolteacher scoring sheets, recording grades, or talking from 8am - 2pm to kids, teens, adolescents and adults who pays you to instruct them.  
As far as the Internet goes in terms of moneymaking you need to brand yourself real-time, get a platform and network with visionaries; social media offers you all these on a platter of gold, at freemium status.

Your brand is your profession and specialty, already established you as a schoolteacher. Period. Nevertheless, there are still subject matters you have the wow effect and most success, with your students; these areas are launch pad for your brand on social media. Your brand is not restricted to academics, I know of educators who are activists and fight for social causes not because of the money, yet, they now have natural access to sponsorship from companies that promotes their visions.

The platform is where other educators gather to share their expertise with one another. There are several of them online ZeSchool, EDUonGo, Mobiliya Facebook,, Twitter,, Edmodo, Edutopia, British council connecting classrooms, Skype in the classroom and the financial and professional platform Edujetage etc, even your local school district groups for private and public schools are platforms and springboard to expose your brand. However, platforms for educators are springing up everywhere on the Internet and you need to be on them to establish you expertise by making your presence standout.

Your network includes, but not restricted to firms (companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations) that have a community and social responsibility CSR portfolio for educational activities can become partners with you on establishing your expertise as a schoolteacher. When you have major projects of impact that aligns with their vision and promote their products and services, you become a candidate for their consideration. Remember the more places online and offline you establish you expertise, invariably gives you access to fellowship and followers.   
Before we move on, it will be great to establish the universal law that money does not come to those who go after money, for no good reason money becomes scared of them; but if you aim for the good and improvement of humanity, then for an unfathomable reason money comes as a by-product. Therefore, as you plan to take your career as an educator into social media, think first and hard of the millions of people you will fulfill their dreams, associating with your vision; make sure you actually make their dreams come to reality. At the long run, you will discover that your OPR is helping others, and then finances become a natural byproduct.

Now we can delve into the seven (7) nitty-gritty tweaks of earning income on social media as an educator:

1. Getting sponsors
Getting sponsors that pay you in order to associate with you in order to make their brand visible to your audience, this has gained traction especially with entertainment bloggers. Organising a live pod-casts that can be funded by sponsor, similar to what goes on television programs.

2. Flag adverts

Flagging an advert on you social sites has quadruple the income of popular blogs like Nairaland, which now monetizing their social media presence. You Tubers like EvanTubeHD a seven-year-old boy, who reviews toys for kids is amongst millionaires with direct income from his YouTube account.

Sponsorships differ from Adverts in that there is a long-term contract between you and your sponsors, while advert is temporary.

3. Selling stuffs
Now you have a considerable amount of followers online, which you can convert to customers that buy your textbooks, apps, DIY videos etc.
Social media can be a great place to sell your services like after school programs or summers coaching camps. It is easier to get book publishers to print your new book because you already have a live audience even as a rookie author.

4. Affiliate with markets
Affiliate your social presence with product (school database software, books, educational toys etc) or service providers, and you earn commission from these companies when anyone buys their products through your affiliate link.
Most social media channels provide affiliate links capabilities within a post, and any follower can click on the link and make a purchase via the link, giving your poster a percentage of that sale.

5. Promote services
If you are a service-based educator then you are sure to be noticed on social media especially on mobile marketing channels.
From upcoming summer camps and remedial coaching services or testimonials that you can share on Instagram to parents who are always engaged on Facebook; this can give you a lot of opportunity to promote your services.

6. Boost your handy work  
If you are an art, music or even Montessori schoolteacher, social media can be an amazing tool to make your expertise visible. As far as you are creative enough to present your subject area in visual forms, then nothing can stop you from reaching the right audience; with DIY photos and videos are your selling points.

7. Knowledge based social media
You join the several hundred thousand teachers and students on Edmodo, providing current solution to everyday classroom challenges or host a Skype in the classroom session or to share your creativity; in no time, you will be called up in reality to host a seminar, podcast, webinar or workshop somewhere around the world.
Why Social Media Works
Schoolteachers who take time to create social media contents and present it appropriately in time. Getting to know what your followers yearn for will pay off with time, when you are consistent.
Two main reasons why sharing your expertise on social media is worth it as you take your academic expertise beyond the classroom are:

1. Social Media Expands Your Reach by 1,000x
If you have 150 or 500 people visiting your social line daily from:
·         Edmodo has 450 active users
·         Twitter has over 135 million active users
·         Youtube sees over 1 billion active users each month
Even if only 0.1% of the people on those channels are interested in what you’re doing, you've still amplified your reach by over 1,000 times by using social media to spread your message and share your passion.

2. Social Media establishes academic expertise as a teacher 
Social media finds life in content especially visual contents, even if it is a 10 seconds video of solving a math problem or designing a classroom decor, by being consistent, you are already establishing your educational proficiency.

Finally, we have many schoolteachers who use the Internet to promote the expertise haphazardly; the best way is to focus on putting these seven channels together to give you a worthwhile profit and attentive audience online.