Customised Education and Financial development for schoolteachers

Does this describe you as an educator?
Are you a teacher with passion, professionalism and still poorly paid?
Are you a creative educator who is tired of mediocre structure of the educational system; you feel something has to change?
Are you an educator that aspires to reach diverse learners irrespective of language differences in formal setting?
Are you an educator who wants to see an educational revolution that will develop you financially and professionally simultaneously, without you losing your current job?

Then the idea of custom education is relevant, especially for the financial and professional development of a schoolteacher.
No two learners are the same, the need to customize education (learning/teaching aids) to reach the masses that are also not in school. Moreover, because people learn better with their mother tongue, it is easier getting more (assimilation, rapid learning etc) out a lesson in your dialect than trying to learn a new language in other to get the benefit of such education.

Creating diverse contents to suit various kinds of learners irrespective of who, and where they are, will bring the needed educational revolution. The attention given to schools is encouraging with several government and non-governmental agencies are out there making sure learners in school get adequate relevant attention.

Educators are millionaires but their expertise can be refined to become valuable with the appropriate tools, techniques and technology and documenting the best of each lesson resources. The irony of it is that most educators detest change; becoming stagnant is the number one factor that degrades the quality of a schoolteacher. You find schoolteachers sticking with several years of service in being stagnant teaching same way in their comfort zones; they do not see themselves trying new teaching techniques and technology that have the potential of turning around the fortune of their teaching career.

Custom Education
Schools might not be adequate to reach majority of potential learners, which custom education can handle effortlessly. There should be little difference between those learning in schools and those learning outside schools.
The word intellectual property is a well-known term, but it has not been well utilised and understood in order to create wealth for educators. After educating hundreds and thousands of learners, you should be at least able to put down your success stories and techniques for other generation of educators to benefit from, and can be a source of income for you.

Benefits of custom education
1. Lesson resources get regular updates.
2. When various languages are translated from lesson materials, there is a level platform for everyone to get standard education around the world.
3. Educators become more creative at improving on the standards of major curriculum.

The list is endless, as custom education becomes a revolution and the renewing of education. Language should not become a barrier to education, because learners are very comfortable when taught in their mother tongues or in languages they understand. We do not need to learn a new language to get the best in any form of education.

In the marketing world, we hear of target consumers and audience, but it will be foolhardy for a school and teacher not to have target learners; because our noble profession cannot be so different from every other career whose work is to focus on their target consumers. Similarly, education can never be the case of one size fits all; schools are trying to make money so they accept all kinds of learners, and textbook authors are also trying to make money, they print books that they assume meet the needs of all categories of learners.

When the world is a platform for learning and the Internet customized into a learning zones, many purposes are fulfilled, because no one dies ignorant.

Financially capable educators
In as much as we need professionally upgraded teachers, we also need financially capable teachers. It includes the knowledge you share on the job and the Knowledge you own in form of copyrighted resources; these can be in form of videos, books/eBooks, photo books, apps, augmented reality projects, charts, blogs/website seminars etc.

However, these are commonplace ideas, yet the worth of a specific knowledge increase in value in direct proportion to the avenues harnessed in exploring them and their effectiveness in solving specific problems. The professional value of Educators with at least seven diverse copyright materials as listed above, will makes best financial impact on the author (educator), than those with one or none.

Schoolteachers are not just educators but also authority figures; and the biggest question is how much power you can muster as a teacher, to inspire learners and still build lasting wealth?