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10 reasons robots cannot replace Teachers.

During the industrial revolution machines took over jobs from humans and later expanded our capacity to accommodate more humans into these industries. And now in the information age history is back again to haunt employees in most sectors of various economies, as robots are warming up to the challenge of displacing the human workforce.
 Just recently Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates came up with a brilliant idea of robots paying a kind of income tax, if allowed to displace the human workforce; which I believe would become a policy in the right direction to be adopted ASAP.
Years back in my high school days, I saw the Class 1999 movie, where robots were employed to replace teachers who could no longer handle students that had converted their school into a stronghold for gangsters. The robots brought extreme order in chaos and the result was the extermination of non-compliant students by the robots that had gone out of the programming control of the authorities.
A list of twenty employmen…