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Tips for a Wow! Monday morning

It seems most employees see Monday mornings as a menace day of the week and it goes on till they have a reason to thank God for Fridays.
As an Educator, I noticed my Monday mornings was becoming a nightmare. Though I prepared for my classes ahead of time, but something was missing, there was still a void somewhere. You might call it a work burnout giving me a dissatisfied  attitude towards my first work day of the week. Monday mornings became a nightmare instead of a daydream, I had to revamp the way I worked on Mondays, to makes it one of my best days of the week.
My experiment was simple, though teaching can be a very monotonous routine and with little research I was able to get the root cause of my Monday morning nightmares.  Plan ahead over the weekend, to bring in these three effects on your job.
1. Creativity: Trying a new perspective  on your job. It is never enough to repeat the same process everyday. Think of other routines that will make you want to jump out  of the bed to …