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Creating Video Quiz with Camtasia


Three reasons Edupreneurs should get an online education

Online education is getting dynamic and easy to use irrespective of your job role, there are several professional development courses online that will add value to your career. As educators the idea of becoming an educational entrepreneur require you to add some skill sets to your portfolio; these skills are available online most of them free and some offers are paid versions.  Depending on the redirection of you Edupreneurial goals, you have unlimited options online, to take your career to the next level. Online courses are less expensive compared to traditional education. Getting a higher degree can be painstaking for those with hectic workloads, coupled with managing family affairs. And most online courses I took were result oriented, I used my classroom projects as my case studies and it added new light on how I documented my projects to suit the courses. Irrespective of the hoax around online education, it is far better than no education or no professional development opportunitie…