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Writing is like every other art including coding, visual art, design etc and all other creative ventures, which are all in the same category.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines writer's block as "a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece". 
In simplicity, writer's block can be avoided all together and every author or aspiring author can keep themselves in the realm and universe of creativity for as long as they want and need to remain inspired. It is a matter of consciously creating the right atmosphere internally and externally as a prerequisite to completing your writing project; without which, your entire effort will lead into frustration.  This article is also for writers who really cannot explain why they are facing writer's block at the very period when meeting a deadline is paramount. Like DUI, writing under the Influence (WUI) is definitely one source of writer's block.  I tried getting some of my colleagues to write a bo…

Classroom cultures for 21st century learners

As part of continuing the Edupreneur series, we are delving deep into wealth creation for educators through a tested and efficient classroom culture. Culture is a way of life, habits, rituals agreed upon by a group of people. As such, if there is organisational culture, school culture, there should be a classroom culture. Over the years, classroom management has been part of the teaching practise; moreover, it is key assessment criteria in teacher training colleges.
Recent research and modern teaching practises show that an efficient classroom culture can actually help make the best impact in classroom management. Classroom culture is reminiscent of what your students become when graduating from your class at the end of the school session. Life skill well embedded into classroom culture will instill cooperate mindset at early age.
A classroom teacher who develops a unique classroom culture makes each student imbibe a new life skill for that academic session, which such teacher might n…

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