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The Edupreneurship master mindset

As an entrepreneurs schoolteacher I have a vision of the kind of life that will help me make a difference financially and professionally. I really do not intend to own a school but I would love to have a piece of every school. No teacher wants to be broke, but in the current situation of things wishing will do you no good, because it will not pay your bills, put your kids right schools, make your vacation memorable, buy your dream house, cars, gadgets, get you to attend professional development programs, further your education, help make the life of the needy ones better.

This is a follow up of my last article on making three lists in your career. Teachers are a very conservative career pack. Most times, we see affluence, as too much distraction to our job, yet the truth is that I never came across any millionaire educators who still assume that mentality. The proprietors of most premium private school are amongst some millionaires. They hire teachers and the teachers after twenty year…


Be proud of yourself for becoming an educator even in times when schoolteachers are not well paid. Learning, studying and investing in yourself do not stop when you start your teaching career; that is when it really starts. The sooner you understand that all the skills you need to learn and thrive in your career, will occur after you leave the confines of the teachers' training college conformity, the sooner you will succeed as a 21st century educator financially and professionally. Here are three game-changing lists that will help expand your influence as a classroom teacher. Making these lists a habit will help you execute every productive inspiration that comes your way.
1. To-do list A schoolteacher To-Do menu includes each day's activities. Never start you day without having to comprehend mentally what it takes to complete the tasks for the day. I structure mine with daily routine tasks but you may find that a weekly list works better. You can optionally organize your to-do…

How superheroes are made in classroom careers

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If teaching is a profitable venture, then it should be your business as an educator. As a schoolteacher, think of your classroom as your business center for learning and teaching; a market place where ideas are managed (identified, exchanged and improved upon). Imagine when each teacher sees their classroom, as an important unit that determines the overall quality and population (clientèle) of the entire school, then your perspective will change on how you run your classroom.
The thoughts of what will I do as the CEO of my classroom and business unit to make it an excellent hub for quality, attractive and profitable learning environment for your students. Making your classroom the best version of the entire school is one brand skill all schoolteachers should accomplish when building the career in education. Like every business that are customer centered…

Edujetage intro video in Chinese


Three steps to profile you as a schoolteacher

Educators are millionaires, but they have to refine their expertise to the point of becoming valuable and not just priceless. Your work as a schoolteacher is priceless, but unfortunately, in the world in which we operate, priceless Gems/portraits/artifacts etc are always caged somewhere for the purpose of admiration. Do not be deceived as a schoolteacher when you get so-called priceless award online, offline and by our employers who see us as priceless staff but are not willing to pay a pricey salary.
At the end of each school session, most schoolteachers seek greener pastures, while others retire to a very different career, majority because of the inadequate pay and others for professional exposure and development. Strictly speaking, moving from one school to another is an unreasonable goal if you do not have a target for doing it. You should have a target and mindset set for moving and for every new school session and school term, you must give all it takes to profile, document and …

Customised Education and Financial development for schoolteachers

Does this describe you as an educator? Are you a teacher with passion, professionalism and still poorly paid? Are you a creative educator who is tired of mediocre structure of the educational system; you feel something has to change? Are you an educator that aspires to reach diverse learners irrespective of language differences in formal setting? Are you an educator who wants to see an educational revolution that will develop you financially and professionally simultaneously, without you losing your current job?
Then the idea of custom education is relevant, especially for the financial and professional development of a schoolteacher. No two learners are the same, the need to customize education (learning/teaching aids) to reach the masses that are also not in school. Moreover, because people learn better with their mother tongue, it is easier getting more (assimilation, rapid learning etc) out a lesson in your dialect than trying to learn a new language in other to get the benefit of …

Edujetage intro video in French by Mr. Tete Kossi


Seven streams of income for educators on social media and OPR by Ashiedu Jude

If you are an educator with passion, that is great, but you can take further steps to be obsessed with your profession and make some extra bucks as your financial development. An Obsessive Professional Reorder (OPR), with respect to teachers, takes your career beyond classroom boundaries reaching out to the rest of the world online/offline; Reordering your career out of the norm is a creative way of thinking outside your classroom schedule. 
Let us analyze this scenario, two art teachers who love to paint. They establish their selves as art teachers in two schools. ·Art teacher A, who loves teaching but avoids social media, or ·Art teacher B, who teaches other people how to paint on YouTube and display finished paintings on Facebook with 50,000 followers combined. They are both experts, but Art teacher B has established expertise and authority beyond the local school boundaries; with external audience, and provides value to others by demonstrating the knowledge of art on social media.