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Teaching Problem solving in the classroom via Hour of Code.

Recently, the wave of computer and mobile applications development via computer programming has been on the rise, with cooperate software entities like Microsoft, Oracle and Google spearheading the campaign for schools to teach computer programming from elementary school age, in other to help make the upcoming generation more inclined to coding. The rise of educational businesses like to support school teachers in the campaign to enhance computer programming awareness at an early age has also been a welcome development, especially in games development arena using software like Scratch, Kodu, Alice etc.However, it takes the vast experience of schoolteachers in the field, in this subject area to understand what and how this knowledge based events can be integrated into the ICT curriculum and classroom. I do not major in computer programming as an ICT teacher, but with my current experience with elementary school students, it has not been easy adopting a standard computer progra…

Tips for a Wow! Monday morning

It seems most employees see Monday mornings as a menace day of the week and it goes on till they have a reason to thank God for Fridays.
As an Educator, I noticed my Monday mornings was becoming a nightmare. Though I prepared for my classes ahead of time, but something was missing, there was still a void somewhere. You might call it a work burnout giving me a dissatisfied  attitude towards my first work day of the week. Monday mornings became a nightmare instead of a daydream, I had to revamp the way I worked on Mondays, to makes it one of my best days of the week.
My experiment was simple, though teaching can be a very monotonous routine and with little research I was able to get the root cause of my Monday morning nightmares.  Plan ahead over the weekend, to bring in these three effects on your job.
1. Creativity: Trying a new perspective  on your job. It is never enough to repeat the same process everyday. Think of other routines that will make you want to jump out  of the bed to …

Technology in Education

Technology triumphs as a business tool. But not much as an academic tool. As such a business approach will make technology very efficient as an educational purpose tool. Teachers who are entrepreneurs or have experience in the business  use of technology, these teachers can modify the academic curriculum to blend with the use of technology.
Moreover the problem of technology in education is that tech companies with no clear and precise knowledge of educational dynamics are making gadgets and software for teachers and educators, who are then forced to use these new tools which only tech savvy teachers can manage to implement in the classroom. Most of the technology churned out for educational purposes are specifically designed for a section of learning needs, which are not applicable to the majority of other learners. Though for the sake of adaptation, tech companies make it a one size fit all tool.
The solution is for practising teachers be allowed to contribute 80% of their analog…

Three reasons Edupreneurs should get a Learning/Content Management System platform.

Educators have a lot to contribute in every generation. If you call yourself a teacher, then you should have evidences of your lessons and instructional materials, not just for your classroom and school, but also for the rest of the world to learn from your records. Even if you deal on educational accessories, then nothing stops you from developing lessons on how best to use the accessories you sell to students, teachers and schools in general.    In creating an LMS or LCMS product you should have these goals in mind, your product’s users experience, productadoption, monetization and growth potentials, makes all the difference. It’s not easy to achieve all four, but with constant practice and positive adjustment, you will find the perfect combination.
1.     Mobile done right is great. The mobile platform has come of age and getting all the attention needed to sustain its presence in our day to day lifestyle. Learning management platforms like Moodle, canvas etc. that embraces mobile ar…

Creating Video Quiz with Camtasia


Three reasons Edupreneurs should get an online education

Online education is getting dynamic and easy to use irrespective of your job role, there are several professional development courses online that will add value to your career. As educators the idea of becoming an educational entrepreneur require you to add some skill sets to your portfolio; these skills are available online most of them free and some offers are paid versions.  Depending on the redirection of you Edupreneurial goals, you have unlimited options online, to take your career to the next level. Online courses are less expensive compared to traditional education. Getting a higher degree can be painstaking for those with hectic workloads, coupled with managing family affairs. And most online courses I took were result oriented, I used my classroom projects as my case studies and it added new light on how I documented my projects to suit the courses. Irrespective of the hoax around online education, it is far better than no education or no professional development opportunitie…


Writing is like every other art including coding, visual art, design etc and all other creative ventures, which are all in the same category.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines writer's block as "a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece". 
In simplicity, writer's block can be avoided all together and every author or aspiring author can keep themselves in the realm and universe of creativity for as long as they want and need to remain inspired. It is a matter of consciously creating the right atmosphere internally and externally as a prerequisite to completing your writing project; without which, your entire effort will lead into frustration.  This article is also for writers who really cannot explain why they are facing writer's block at the very period when meeting a deadline is paramount. Like DUI, writing under the Influence (WUI) is definitely one source of writer's block.  I tried getting some of my colleagues to write a bo…

Classroom cultures for 21st century learners

As part of continuing the Edupreneur series, we are delving deep into wealth creation for educators through a tested and efficient classroom culture. Culture is a way of life, habits, rituals agreed upon by a group of people. As such, if there is organisational culture, school culture, there should be a classroom culture. Over the years, classroom management has been part of the teaching practise; moreover, it is key assessment criteria in teacher training colleges.
Recent research and modern teaching practises show that an efficient classroom culture can actually help make the best impact in classroom management. Classroom culture is reminiscent of what your students become when graduating from your class at the end of the school session. Life skill well embedded into classroom culture will instill cooperate mindset at early age.
A classroom teacher who develops a unique classroom culture makes each student imbibe a new life skill for that academic session, which such teacher might n…

10 mins Blog creation by Ashiedu Jude


Creating a blog in less than 10mins


Starting core skills for teachers video


The Edupreneurship master mindset

As an entrepreneurs schoolteacher I have a vision of the kind of life that will help me make a difference financially and professionally. I really do not intend to own a school but I would love to have a piece of every school. No teacher wants to be broke, but in the current situation of things wishing will do you no good, because it will not pay your bills, put your kids right schools, make your vacation memorable, buy your dream house, cars, gadgets, get you to attend professional development programs, further your education, help make the life of the needy ones better.

This is a follow up of my last article on making three lists in your career. Teachers are a very conservative career pack. Most times, we see affluence, as too much distraction to our job, yet the truth is that I never came across any millionaire educators who still assume that mentality. The proprietors of most premium private school are amongst some millionaires. They hire teachers and the teachers after twenty year…


Be proud of yourself for becoming an educator even in times when schoolteachers are not well paid. Learning, studying and investing in yourself do not stop when you start your teaching career; that is when it really starts. The sooner you understand that all the skills you need to learn and thrive in your career, will occur after you leave the confines of the teachers' training college conformity, the sooner you will succeed as a 21st century educator financially and professionally. Here are three game-changing lists that will help expand your influence as a classroom teacher. Making these lists a habit will help you execute every productive inspiration that comes your way.
1. To-do list A schoolteacher To-Do menu includes each day's activities. Never start you day without having to comprehend mentally what it takes to complete the tasks for the day. I structure mine with daily routine tasks but you may find that a weekly list works better. You can optionally organize your to-do…

How superheroes are made in classroom careers

Please take time to attempt our schoolteachers survey, using the link
If teaching is a profitable venture, then it should be your business as an educator. As a schoolteacher, think of your classroom as your business center for learning and teaching; a market place where ideas are managed (identified, exchanged and improved upon). Imagine when each teacher sees their classroom, as an important unit that determines the overall quality and population (clientèle) of the entire school, then your perspective will change on how you run your classroom.
The thoughts of what will I do as the CEO of my classroom and business unit to make it an excellent hub for quality, attractive and profitable learning environment for your students. Making your classroom the best version of the entire school is one brand skill all schoolteachers should accomplish when building the career in education. Like every business that are customer centered…