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Edujetage is committed to fulfilling the Education for All (EFA) mandate proposed UNESCO by collaborating with educators worldwide on our financial and professional development platform for schoolteachers.
Edujetage is a made up of teachers who are committed to creating an Educational Revolution in reaching out to learners within and outside school in any language, the learner can understand. Edujetage also plans on helping one million teachers in building special contents for learners and making the Internet 80-90% a learning hub.
Edujetage platform is the dream model for educators and schoolteachers that need to create, distribute and manage lesson contents in several languages for learners within and outside school system worldwide and with guarantee payments from licensing and royalties. Schoolteachers on Edujetage platform are in a better position during recruitment with schools and organisation, because they are not just teachers but also authority …



Education Redefining team, Nigeria (TOSSE 2017)


10 reasons robots cannot replace Teachers.

During the industrial revolution machines took over jobs from humans and later expanded our capacity to accommodate more humans into these industries. And now in the information age history is back again to haunt employees in most sectors of various economies, as robots are warming up to the challenge of displacing the human workforce.
 Just recently Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates came up with a brilliant idea of robots paying a kind of income tax, if allowed to displace the human workforce; which I believe would become a policy in the right direction to be adopted ASAP.
Years back in my high school days, I saw the Class 1999 movie, where robots were employed to replace teachers who could no longer handle students that had converted their school into a stronghold for gangsters. The robots brought extreme order in chaos and the result was the extermination of non-compliant students by the robots that had gone out of the programming control of the authorities.
A list of twenty employmen…

Small Basic Calculator Apps.

Introduction to Calculator Apps challenge: The Calculator apps for math formulas challenge by Ashiedu Jude, sourced inspirations from the Computer Science Education Week:, Hour of Code: and Microsoft Small Basic, as an initiative to encourage computer programming at an early age for students. And to improve the quality of education as part of the Sustainable Development Global Goals. Professional development programmes with Connecting classrooms/Core skills/International Schools Award programme by the British Council, Microsoft in Education, Hack the classroom, Edmodo and Skype in the classroom, broadened my horizon.  
However, the Calculator app challenge takes a different approach, the prominent idea that allow students write codes for math formulas they used in their math classes. Which will provide them the added advantage of creating a software alternative to what they do manually.
Skills learnt by students using this approach are problem solving with algorithm…

Teaching Problem solving in the classroom via Hour of Code.

Recently, the wave of computer and mobile applications development via computer programming has been on the rise, with cooperate software entities like Microsoft, Oracle and Google spearheading the campaign for schools to teach computer programming from elementary school age, in other to help make the upcoming generation more inclined to coding. The rise of educational businesses like to support school teachers in the campaign to enhance computer programming awareness at an early age has also been a welcome development, especially in games development arena using software like Scratch, Kodu, Alice etc.However, it takes the vast experience of schoolteachers in the field, in this subject area to understand what and how this knowledge based events can be integrated into the ICT curriculum and classroom. I do not major in computer programming as an ICT teacher, but with my current experience with elementary school students, it has not been easy adopting a standard computer progra…

Tips for a Wow! Monday morning

It seems most employees see Monday mornings as a menace day of the week and it goes on till they have a reason to thank God for Fridays.
As an Educator, I noticed my Monday mornings was becoming a nightmare. Though I prepared for my classes ahead of time, but something was missing, there was still a void somewhere. You might call it a work burnout giving me a dissatisfied  attitude towards my first work day of the week. Monday mornings became a nightmare instead of a daydream, I had to revamp the way I worked on Mondays, to makes it one of my best days of the week.
My experiment was simple, though teaching can be a very monotonous routine and with little research I was able to get the root cause of my Monday morning nightmares.  Plan ahead over the weekend, to bring in these three effects on your job.
1. Creativity: Trying a new perspective  on your job. It is never enough to repeat the same process everyday. Think of other routines that will make you want to jump out  of the bed to …

Technology in Education

Technology triumphs as a business tool. But not much as an academic tool. As such a business approach will make technology very efficient as an educational purpose tool. Teachers who are entrepreneurs or have experience in the business  use of technology, these teachers can modify the academic curriculum to blend with the use of technology.
Moreover the problem of technology in education is that tech companies with no clear and precise knowledge of educational dynamics are making gadgets and software for teachers and educators, who are then forced to use these new tools which only tech savvy teachers can manage to implement in the classroom. Most of the technology churned out for educational purposes are specifically designed for a section of learning needs, which are not applicable to the majority of other learners. Though for the sake of adaptation, tech companies make it a one size fit all tool.
The solution is for practising teachers be allowed to contribute 80% of their analog…